San Diego

Friday, August 17
It was a full day of driving. I sometimes can not fathom the fact that we can basically drive from morning until suppertime or beyond. Especially Ken doing the actually driving for that length of time is a mystery for me.  I drive for about an hour and a half then I become sleepy.

I sat an did work on the blog. Ken drove - he drove passed many cactus and sagebrush, he drove passed areas of hugh rocks piled up likely from some glacial action in the distant past.

We used Google Maps to refresh our memories on how to get to Sweetwater campground (Google Maps was incorrect, I had to compensate).

Sweetwater campground

We got to the camp, it had changed, bigger, much bigger with a water park. The site we were in had no trees but did have clean, newer bathrooms.

New bathrooms are great

View from the new campsites

I was thrilled to eat at TJ Oyster Bar which expanded to a huge restaurant actually close to the old, still open and smaller location.

Saturday, August 18
Ken got too much sun likely before 9:00am and was "off" all day - grump and could not think straight. My cold, if that is what it is, continues.'

We left the campsite early to go garage sailing. The only purchase was new artist paint brushes for me. The brushes originally came from an art store close out - love those brushes. We visited a few lame thrift stores - nothing, that is why I say lame thrift store. We were in the Pacific Beach area and knew of a great curry house in the area. They gave us huge sized naan bread. After eating wonderful Mexican food for weeks, Thai curry was such a treat.

Ken bought an iPad case, I got a Starbucks. We kind of roamed around a bit aimlessly, but somehow beat the heat.  It is extra hot is this area, the hottest week or two of the entire year. Ken went to Wholefoods to talk to the person in charge of "wine". He wanted to educate himself before buying in the Napa Valley.

We went to the Seaport Village, not to shop, but to walk. We walked to about parallel with the big convention centre then went to the Gaslight District, had drinks than supper and walked back to the van.

San Diego harbour area

Yes, that is Leo a pomeranian driving a BMW on the sidewalk in the Gaslamp District

Sunday, August 19
Balboa Park wandering around.

dude was playing a ceramic wok like instrument

Monday, August 20
Ken decided to back up the photos to the new iMac. Some guy actually walks up to the camp site and tells us that mountain lion was sited at the campground. Ken was installing Snow Leopard lol.

We checked a few thrift stores in Chula Vista and yelped a fabulous taco truck , the best fish tacos to date.

Tuesday, August 21
Opted for a not granola breakfast and went out for a wonderful breakfast at a Canadian Chinese restaurant. Ken received the seniors breakfast, his first.

Ken enjoying his first seniors breakfast

Much of the day was spent at the Otay Lakes Mall. We both bought a pair of Keen shoes at an REI. The store was having an end of summer sale. I must say that in San Diego it did not really feel like the end of summer.

I wandered around the mall.  The mall is really what we would think of just one toe after the other. In Canada we think of malls as generally stores connected by a common interior space. The stores were quite expensive generally but it is always fun to look. Ken hung out in an Apple store. At three or four o'clock the Farmer's Market started. Mostly there where marquis tents set up selling specialty food and only two true farmers.

For supper we picked up sushi and wet to the Balboa Park to eat. We listened and watched as the jets drove passed us, as close to ground level as you want a big jet to be. The airport is close to downtown in San Diego.

Wednesday, August 22
We know we were on our way out of San Diego and off to Burbank. It is always hard to leave San Diego as we really like this city. We thought of places we did not get to go to, places we missed out on but next time maybe we will have more time.

We left in plenty of time in case we got lost or needed to stop, etc. on our way to Burbank. Yes, we did get lost but with the map and my great navigating abilities got back on track quickly.  I say that because Ken always say he thinks I am not a good navigator but I am.

We met Kel and Val at a restaurant in Burbank. Kel is a friend of Ken's from back in high school days in Saskatoon.  They hitch hiked out to the coast from Saskatoon on summer during high school. Back to the present, the restaurant was in Kel and Val's neighborhood in Burbank. It was great seeing them again. We had a pleasant, very enjoyable lunch.

We shopped for awhile in that area after our late lunch - a bit too hot to do much else, even drive. It is especially hot on an LA freeway - a nine lane freeway. We drove all the way to San Luis Obispo where we camped for the night. We could drive in the dark in the USA.

The iPad, now connected to 3G, worked excellently

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