Off to Silver Shopping in Taxco

Monday, August 6
We survived the rain last night and our wet clothes are still in the shower - perhaps drying, perhaps not. We were leaving Tepoztlan. We followed the Google Maps route but we were not informed of the large concrete blocks at the critical juncture of the route. We had to backtrack and drive through town. We drove around Cernavaca using the toll road.  Lots of flowers for sale by vendors especially roses. The scenery was gorgeous all the way to Taxco.

Driving into Taxco is a beautiful sight to see. The white buildings with red tile roofs are set off by the green mountains upon which the city is seated. Taxco is a true gem.

Once we arrive lunch is long overdue. We know of a roof top restaurant and get there quickly. I am so hungry I feel ill, guess I over did the trying not to eat so much thing. The restaurant allows us a birds eye view of Plaza Borda, the  main square which included the Church of Sanda Prisca.

Our hotel is a converted monastery from 1620. Lots of hand carved colonial style wood furniture and a  lovely courtyard.  It had many nooks and crannies including a roof top with potted plants and a good view of the city. In fact my first overall view of the city from our hotel roof gave me a swell of emotion which almost brought me to tears from the beauty.

Being close to the silver shopping area I head out by myself to the wholesale shopping area. Ken stayed at the hotel and worked on the blog

Edit the blog on the iPad

Layout the blog on the laptop, with cake though.

Tuesday, August 7
I was more prepared to shop for silver today. I wrote down some Spanish phrases and words to assist me in my shopping endeavors. I need to expand my search for what I am looking to buy. It does not seem to be in the wholesale market (this market does have the best prices).

I expand my search to shops around Plaza Borda - wow, lots more expensive with some of the same merchandize.  I do make purchases before lunch back at the wholesale market - finally bought some plata.

Ken and I discover a different restaurant set on the Plaza San Juan, El Adobe. We got the window seat over looking the Plaza. Our meal was the specialty of the house and most delicious. It consisted of fried cheese on potatoe skns with onions and a special tomatillo, green sauce.

The hike to Hotel Loma Linda was to find another restaurant which turned out, was not there anymore. So we looked around here for a bit.

Nice view at Hotel Loma Linda

 I was back shopping after lunch. I felt a bit uneasy returning to some vendors although most were friendly. I got turned around with all the uphill, downhill business and lanes and stairways. I had to ask for help in finding my way out of the maze. I could not even find some of the small shops I wanted to return to.

At night firecrackers went off, then a band started playing within close proximity of the hotel. We walked toward the music and found a group of people celebrating something near a very old church. Mexican people are always finding some reason to celebrate.

Sometimes the display gets... stuck.

... and who are you going to call to unstuck it.

All is well.

Wednesday, August 8
After having breakfast on the roof (it is a flat roof with sides so you can't fall off). I was ready to go shopping again. I thought I would try silver shops near Hotel Los Arcos and ones off the main plaza - Plaza Borda.

Breakfast on the roof.

and Ken would hang out at the Hotel...
Hotel dining area.

I arrived at one shop where I was told the main designers father had trained under William Spratling (famed author and silver designer who in the 1930's started the the silver resurgence in Taxco). At another shop the master craftsman there took me to his second shop where his apprentices were working. He showed me the kind of rock silver is embedded in and what the silver looks like when it is pulled out of the rock. He to had Spratling designs in his shop. I did not bother to in quire about prices.

I did not really get into serious shopping until after lunch, nothing like a deadline to act as a motivator. For sure we are leaving tomorrow. I purchased a few minor pieces but finally found three pieces of "plata" that suited my taste and budget.

We spent a lovely last evening at our balcony table at El Adobe Restaurant watching others going about their evening activities.

That night spare fireworks we could view from our hotel, turned out to be yet another party.
Ken researched driving as here they combat pollution from cars by limiting the days you can drive them; Hoy No Circular, day without driving.

Our hotel

Our hotel

Thursday, August 9
We or at least I reluctantly left Taxco. It is so beautiful, quaint and coloniel - I love it! The low priced silver does not hurt either. Another breakfast on the roof.

Driving in the city of Taxco is difficult and unusual. 

View of our table at El Adobe

Our hotel was well adorned

Soon after leaving the covered parking lot we decided to just follow a truck in front of us that seemed to be driven with purpose. We  hoped for the best - the highway. Good choice in vehicles to follow as we did make it to the highway but stopped to check the map - which way to turn.When Ken went to pull out he shoulder checked, saw slow moving, heavy traffic. A donkey was loaded up with some kind of cargo just a moving through vehicle traffic.

Lost? Follow the guy in front.

Traffic was heavy this morning as we left town.

Drivers were courteous and usually pulled to the right...

... and away we went. 

The scenery was gorgeous - lush and mountainous.

We ended our day of driving at our favorite hotel - Quinta Don Jose. We got the same room as two years ago.

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