Drive from Oaxaca to Tepoztlan

Wednesday, August 1
We were both a bit testy  once up and showered.  Ken thinks it is because we have been trying to do too much and we are not allowing ourselves any "down" time - maybe.

Before leaving we needed to go to an ATM machine, buy some food, get gas and get the route mapped out once we found an internet connection.  On our way out of town we tried to get a Guetaguestza Festival banner. There were workers taking them down so I went up to the truck driver and asked as best I could for one of the banners. He and his co-workers quite willingly gave one to me. By this time it was after 11:00 am. We were sad to leave but we will return to Oaxaca.

Stretch limo bug

As we drove along we saw a huge, tall church - the Ex-convento of Santo Domingo Yanhuitlan Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Yes, we stopped to investigate.  It was just in the process of being restored. It appeared fresh and new yet it was likely 500 years old. 

She was an impressive old gal!

Replacement stone was cut on site and carried to the job 

The timber work was exceptional.

stone work was cleaned

The doors swung freely on large rods

Workers on the choir mezzanine

Nice valley view.

We stopped in several towns and walked in the markets. It was very hot today so really not that enjoyable outside our air-conditioned van.

We did not get as far as Tepoztlan, but ended up in a city with no tourist services - Izucar de Matamorus, Puebla, Mexico. We had over 6 travel books on Mexico and this place was not mentioned in any of them. The room we found was very inexpensive ($150 pesos), clean, but close to a major highway, so noisy. We agreed next time we leave on a long stretch to leave early or stay another day. 

We agreed never to stay in Izucar de Matamoros again

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