California and the Drive Home

Thursday, August 23, 2012
Wow, it is really cool, almost cold in the morning now. There are few people at the campsites. Last time we were at this particular campsite just outside San Luis Obispo it was overflowing with people. The garden where we ate breakfast has two major bloomers producing right now, at least that were really noticeable. One bloomer has big massive orange cluster flowers on a succulent and another has beautiful pink lily looking flowers on long, strong, leafless stems.

We are glad we took the longer route and able to see rolling hills, yellowed by the summer sun accented with green. City driving is on freeways.

We stopped in Salinas, CA for lunch and Santa Clara to shop. Ken went to "I Love Macs" (quite appropriate wouldn't you say) and to "Memory Ten" to, of course, buy computers and related gear. We drove around San Francisco just as it becomes dark outside, on to Petaluma.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oregon and Dutch Bros.

Portland, Oregon

Seattle watching the big guys

HorseShoe Bay and to home

The liqueurs

The Tequillas

The Spirits mostly Cuban Rum

Collection of Chardonnay's, oaked to unoaked

The reds, including a classic California bordeaux, white merlot.


Rugs from Oaxaca state

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