Mazatlan and North to the Border

Tuesday, August 14
We drove passed the park in Tepic which is an area we are familiar with.  Last holiday we walked in that park. Once out of the city Ken commented several times about how gorgeous and lush the area was - "are we on the same road as usual?". There were mountains, hills, valleys, rivers - beautiful.

We drove into Mazatlan the usual way, a bit of a slummy looking area, people selling camaroons. 

It was great to finally see the Pacific Ocean again. I was anxious to go to the beach.  We had stayed at the Azteca Inn before but this time we really appreciated its location, clench and budget price.  

We went through to the beach via Pancho's Restaurant, stopping for a power punching margarita. Now, Poncho's appears to give more tequila than lime juice so it really does pack a punch. We bought our dear brother-in-law, Mike, a gift from a vendor or artist walking the beach. Our eventual beach walk was memorable and exhilarating.

We returned to Poncho's for supper - nachos, marlin inside peppers, a shared seafood platter, Kaluah and cream, oh yes, and another margarita each. Wow, what a delicious supper!

Supper at Pancho's has become a regular event for us.

We went to Mega after supper. We returned to the hotel in an open air taxi. It was kind like a golf cart but really fun because we were in Mazatlan.

Wednesday, August 15
We found strawberry liqueur in a big garage/liqueur store/restaurant type place outside of Mazatlan. Great place to do a fill up before heading off on the long days drive.

You spend quite a bit in tolls driving north towards the USA on the "cuota" highway but it is totally worth it in ease of driving. There are still some small villages where you have to slow down and a few cities (some you drive through, others you can by-pass). We "mall walk" in this area. It is far too hot and humid for us spoiled BC west coasters to handle.The Walmarts and other big box stores are nicely air conditioned. Sometimes the parking lots even have covered parking.

Once in Navojoa, our destination, it is cool enough to walk the small city. We also go to a Leys and find tequila liqueur - phew - we thought we were not going to find it anywhere. Our hotel room needed cooling down, hence the long walk.  The room was like walking into a convection oven, truly.  Once we returned it was nice and cool. This hotel is likely made of cement or adobe covered in plaster.  It is unique in that it has a desert scene in relief on the walls.  The lawn chairs are shaped like the leaves of the nopal cactus.

Thursday, August 16
We got going really early because we were about to do a really long drive today.

To amuse ourselves we decided to do something useful and type up a few lists. One list was for Raul, our real estate agent in Ajijic or any other real estate agent we meet in another area in Mexico. It was a list of needs and wants relating to a house for retirement. Looking at the few homes e looked at gave us a glimpse into our retirement plan (dream). We felt we also needed to firm up our ideas before we get back to the daily routine. We also drew up a criteria list of a "place" or town that would be a suitable area to retire to. We did different scenarios list for financial planning. Our banker needs to do the real work here.

It was a long drive mostly through the desert, which appeared much more lush than other years that we have driven through here.

We ate a late supper in Tuscan but mostly just drove on through this desert city to a Casa Grande hotel.

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