Las Pozas

Friday, March 1

Las Pozas

My arm was still sore so we tried the Dragon Dictation software, here is what we got. 
I don't recall you were (the burger was gotten. Although well upTwo last posers that will James is Sulu was to go there was amazing design in an industrial I thought troubleshooting was sum of 12 or but I unmerged those rumours  taste of driving through the Sierra Madre oriental. It was a long day of driving. I discovered my arm or shoulder hurts more from sitting in the car for long periods of time.
Too surreal, we quit using it, Ken says maybe try it again next year.

We woke up in the trees.

Bird Friendly Coffee is made in the shade.

We were asked if we didn't mind stairs when we checked in.

Cold start to the day at Hostel Del Cafe. Ken joked at calling it Hotel Del Frio because it was so cold. It was beautiful and charming, in a jungle setting, building built into the wall of rock, terraced with different levels. Our host, Alex, was so friendly and could understand and speaks some English. Their yellow lab was adorable.

Kitchen wall built from the rock.

To shell coffee beans

We ate an authentic breakfast of tortillas with crumbled cheese, with nopal (cactus) and something our host said was called "goats foot" in Spanish but he didn't know the English name. Oh, and we also had black beans. He had us try kumquat preserves and  jam.

I do not drink coffee but I had their fabulous coffee. Ken does drink coffee and said it was the best he ever tasted. It made him feel relaxed, he said. The blend we were told is from Hidalgo, Veracruz and Chiapas and prepared in the old manner.

Front desk.

We drove a little ways from Xilitla to Las Posas, Edward Jame's surrealistic garden.  He was an Englishman born into an aristocratic family in the late eighteen century.  Oh, and amazing design feat and feat of skill.  I felt a little shaky with some of the terrain and the eights but manage to enjoy it immensely.

These hands showed up in a lot of places.

... and yes that is quite high up, ... and no I didn't go up there. Ken did

Our self appointed guide to Las Pozas.

Our guide kept showing up.

The view from up there.

We drove on highways 105, 85, 102 going in a north south, easterly direction. We drove through beautiful jungle vegetation that was populated by many villages and small cities. Sugar can and oranges are being harvested. We were in real rural Mexico. We ended up in Huejutla, Hidelgo. We saw lots of dogs and chickens on the way.  Our first taste of beautiful sunshine on a lovely road.

Big trucks will often just pull in front, Ken says he's getting used to it - no problem.


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