Tamaulipas to San Luis Potosi

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mexico - the land where birds of a different feather flock together.
Well we made it to the border. Today was to be an unusual day. Right off we were denied entry to the country as we did not have our passports stamped showing we left the country this summer. Luckily Ken had documentation of our migration from our last trip and we were to prove our departure sufficiently to our emmigration officer. Next, Ken waited in the line up to get the vehicle documented and sure enough he had my passport, luckily the lineups today were negligible.

Ok, so now we are off and we notice a large mall with a TelCel office and Ken wants to get the iPad connected to the interent while we are on the road. Not a bad deal, about the same price as the States, maybe a little cheaper, $40 for a month. We get a few laps around the Soriana and we are off, but yes going the wrong way so a few turns and, wow what is that noise. As we drove over a rumble strip the spare tire comes out and the rack that holds it in place is dragging behind us. Luckily we are stopped across the street from a hardware shop and ten minutes later, back on the road.

So we drove by a lot of police on this road, no sign of trouble.

Finally, Mexico and a cold drink.

Wednesday, February 27

This hotel provided breakfast so this was a first authentic Mexican meal, tortillas, chiquillas, beans, bakery goods, iced tea (which seems predominant in this area). The restaurant had a huge palapa roof. The huge grounds surrounding the Hotel were tropical with plants like bougainvillea to Bamboo and even a small coffee tree. It got windy where we were in the evening, but we committed to staying in Cuidad Victoria.

We headed to the Centro of  Ciudad Victoria. We found the Teatro, Biblioteche, arte galleria. We walked around not finding much to our interest. It was windy. We left downtown for the H. E. B. across the street (a huge big box store appearing to originate in Texas).

Ken went downstairs for ice and discovered a Mexican improvement on our beloved happy hour at the Hilton Inn. The snacks and drinks were both free, just Our price! We ended up eating our bakery bought empanadas in the happy hour lounge.

Note this sign says - free food and drinks, in the lounge 6 to 8pm, Monday to Thursday.

We called it a day, early, dreaming of our next adventures.

Hilton Inn was on sale, nice.

Governor's House

Sidewalk art.

Thursday, February 28

Another great breakfast. This time it was like, build your own chiquillas.  Yummy pastries included.
We drove off happy to be moving on. We saw lots of huge trucks full of oranges and sugar cane. The roadway was windy and hilly. This was a first taste of driving through the Sierra Madre oriental. It was a long day of driving. I discovered my arm or shoulder hurts more from sitting in the car for long periods of time.

Sugar cane in season.

Stop for a walk.

Nice room in the trees.

Town centre.

Surreal sidewalk

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