The Zoo

Monday July 12

I was already exited when I woke-up about going to the zoo. By the time I arrived at the zoo I was ecstatic.

From San Diego to Tucson

From San Diego to Tucson

Check out the massive zoo photos.


So we would know what was what and the layout of the zoo, we took a tour bus.


 I took plenty of pictures from inside the open air bus's perspective. We zooed it up until almost 3:00, eating at a little restaurant just outside the Spanish Village (a few pictures of that, too).


It was so exiting watching the antics of the animals and recording it in picture form. I can hardly wait to make some of there creature pictures into quilts.

We really needed a zoo break because of all the sun and people so off we drove to La Jolla. We should have really drove into Pacific Beach which has great thrift stores. We ate tamales and gorditas for supper - um! Then back to the zoo for the rest of the evening.




From San Diego to Tucson

We got a few photos in but things were looking pretty grainy because of the poor light.

Some animals were sleeping - so cute. Nobody seemed active except the flamingos. We went on the tram back to the zoo exit. I was very sad to leave the zoo. Hope we got some great shots.

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