Leaving San Diego for Mexico

Thursday July 15

We actually saw four corrals with horses in them at the campground.

From San Diego to Tucson

Mostly the horses seemed content except for one obviously anxious boy. We got a late start to our day of moving on. As usual I was sad to leave Sweetwater and San Diego. We left and went to Vons for salad. We did not want to eat at some less than desirable restaurant along the way. We took so long that we ended up having to eat at TJ's Oyster Bar gain, ah what a shame, lol.

Driving east out of San Diego it soon becomes rocky and lacks vegetation. There are boulder type of mountains, with lots of rocks. It is much hotter than SD. Soon after leaving Ken needed to rest his eyes so yes I had to drive. It went from about 4000' above sea level to below sea level, so yes , a steep incline. I drove through a very windy area and could barely keep the van on the road. Ken took over and drove through the desert sand storm.

We stopped a Yuma to walk as it is too hot to do so outside.

I bought Aloe Vera for my artwork as you can not find it in Mexico.

There are areas of sandy desert with sand dunes, cliffs, nice area.


Once we get to the part of the desert with sequoia cactus it has got dark. The farther south you go there is a shorter twilight.

We booked a hotel room in Tuscan so we were forced to drive at night and arrived in Tuscan about 10:30.

groceries VONs $7.85 just plain bad
groceries WalMart $4.29 just plain awful
lunch TJ Oyster Bar $7.59 great
snack StarBucks $2.23 deal of the day
Today's eating where cost rating

Wednesday July 14

This day was devoted to finishing up last minute details of getting ready to go to Mexico.

We went to the Bonita Public library to look up responses from people who had iPhones for sale. We went to City Heights to buy one from Tai.


We did the whole transaction in his front yard that had a plastic tarp over it - good thing it was HOT out that day! Ken checked everything and it would not connect to our computer. He checked on-line and discovered it had to do with the name Tai had given his iPhone. Everything checked out and we made our purchase - good deal as this iPhone 3GS is still under Apple warranty.

Ken vacuumed the van and washed the outside at a spray car wash. Got the stickers on the van .

We were at a Starbucks on University and saw that Charlene had just sent an email so I answered her. We sent several e-mails back and forth. I miss my sister.

Somewhere during the day we went to Whole Foods to purchase small tetra packs of Rice Dram four our breakfasts in Mexico. In Mexico the small packs of soy milk have fruit flavouring - yuck!

groceries WholeFoods - rice dream $30.33 small soya milk
lunch WholeFoods $11.40 very good
supper Ralph's $7.63 surprisingly good
snack Starbucks $6.50 good
Today's eating where cost rating

Tuesday July 13

For me, at least today, was kind of a washout. I had a headache and was very tired. I just slugged around all day hoping I'd feel better soon. My dry skin was terrible.

From San Diego to Tucson

We got up late, I missed the early shower shift and had to wait until after 9:30 (this is when they finish cleaning ).

Our lunch in Bonita (close to our camp ground) was wonderful. We sat at the bar to watch the cook prepare all the lunches. He had that speedy cook thing going on.

We drove to Chula Vista which is not far from Sweetwater, it is very close to Mexico. Many residents are of Mexican decent. Ken dropped me off to do the laundry. Once I put the wash in the machine I found a Mexican restaurant and a huge cup of Horchata, a rice based drink - very cold and refreshing. Ken spent his time at the Apple Store in Otay Ranch Town Centre Mall. When Ken came and got me and took me to the mall, the Farmer's Market was on. Lots of vendors for fruit and many different ethnic foods. Supper was delicious. We even saw alpacas giving children rides.

We went to Luis's house to buy an iPhone but it had too many things wrong with it.

lunch TJ Oyster Bar $8.93 deal of the day
supper Otay Ranch farmer market $9.00 fabulous
snack Los Ponchos near laundry $1.50 horchata - great
Today's eating where cost rating

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