Ahhh! México!!! Nogales to Mazatlan...

Sunday July 18

Hotel Las Fuentes, Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico

First burro sighting of the trip at 10:18 am.  I absolutely love donkeys.

We had only an "ok" breakfast at the Hotel Las Fuentes, no where near as good as last night's supper.  Then we drove off for Mazatlan.  This area has better soil and is more lush than yesterday's drive, especially the closer you get the Mazatlan.  Lots of farming from sugar cane to corn.  There is some secondary industry caused from the farming.

At one point we saw sequoia cactus and lots of them.  We both got out and took photos.  There were areas with lush looking growth with tall cactus growing as well.  

Ken drove all that way with a few little rest breaks and no lunch.  We did not see anywhere we would eat.

Once we arrived in Mazatlan we drove straight to the Hotel Azteca and were able to get a room. This is a hotel I always wanted to stay at but it was always booked -- solid, guess we arrived on weekends.   We waled through to Poncho's Restaurant (a favourite of ours) and got our feet wet in the ocean, took pictures.  We returned to our room because it was unreasonably hot. 

Then back to Poncho's for supper.  We saw people riding horses on the beach. Some girl was bit on the arm by something, it was the excitement of the moment for all her friends

From Mazatlan to Tepic

breakfast Hotel Las Fuentes 72 pesos ok
supper Poncho's Mazatlan 310 pesos always very good
Today's eating where cost rating
Tonight's sleep Hotel Azteca 714 pesos kinda good

Saturday July 17

Woke up feeling the opposite of refreshed.  I woke up many times in the night.  We had the worst mistake for a room.  We learned a lesson, always look at the room first before taking it.  We had the room closest to the noisy highway.  Sometimes it was like a big semi was in our room with jack brakes.  Other times there was this high pitched sound - Ken said it was a bird.  Must be some big ass bird!  Ken called this modest accomodation.

As I write this I am listening to music from Miles Black - "Live at the Haven 2008".  Wow, is he good, I sure hope he can continue to sing, play and write music.  Life has a way of getting in the way of a musicians talents.

From Nogales to Mazatlan

We drove through areas of extreme poverty today.  Lots of small brick houses, some houses with corrigated metal roof and plywood walls.  Lots of garbaged along the highway - plasitic bags need to be banned. Plus several field fires burning, never saw that before.

We had several sets of squeegy kids spray our windows.  It is annoying if your windshield is already clean, timing is everything.  They are obvously from impoverished situations.  It is sad. 

This area has the Sierra Madres Mountains in the background and it is rather flat and desert like, many cactus. 

It was so hot when we got out for lunch, we could barely walk to Walmart.  Walmart has covered parking, with attendants.  The guys flogging stuff at the side of the road, especially at toll boths have bags of shrimp, I think they must be dried.

Supper was Chile Relleno with shrimp plus rice and salad - exceptional.  VIPS at lunch was Walmart food with double the prices, kind of boring food.

lunch VIPs Walmart chain 91 pesos avoid
supper Hotel Las Fuentes 169 pesos very good
Today's eating where cost rating
Tonight's sleep Hotel Las Fuentes 480 pesos very good

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