Pueblo to the Canadian Border

Tuesday August 21
This was was a day of power driving.

We drove from Cheyenne, WY to Bowman, North Dakota. We drove right through the state of South Dakota. The Black Hills in SD was a beautiful spot in the otherwise prairie landscape. The Black Hills were mountainous and treed. There was a small river running alongside the road. The temperature was cooler than we had become accustomed to. Back on the prairie we saw herds of mule deer and herds of antelope.

When it was later on in the evening we figured out where to camp and promptly decided against camping. The mosquitoes could have carried us away. Ken just could not face his most hated bug. Gee, they seem to really like him. We stayed in a motel.

Monday August 20

From Pueblo we drove to Denver, CO and arrived there just after noon. Ken wanted to have Denver sandwiches in Denver so decided to park the van in a Park and Ride parking lot and take the light rapid train into the city. I saw a drastic difference between the fast transit here and in Mexico City. In MC there wasn't any air conditioning, each train was not that clean or new. In Denver the trains were air conditioned, clean and likely quite new. In fact, the whole town seemed really clean and well groomed. Tourist information directed us to see a historic building - the Equity Building - with marble curved stairways and stained glass windows. We ate lunch in a building made of stone. The building had been elsewhere and was torndown and rebuilt in its present site We were more fascinated with the antler chandelier, oh and the food. The landscape around Denver is very prairie like. There are mountains in the west. Once back on the road we drove to Terry's Buffalo Ranch which was just south of Cheyenne, Wyoming. We stayed there because it was a buffalo ranch and had lots of other animals, too, like camels, horses and ostrich.

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