Washington to Oregon

Tuesday July 1 – CANADA DAY!!!
Ken met a real live red neck today at the spot where we ate breakfast, a sleepy little American town called Myrtle Creek. It had a nice park where we ate breakfast in our CANADIAN flag lawn chairs.

We had lunch in Grant's Pass. We found a park near end of main and back in behind on a river. I drew a duck. We also found Dutch Bos. Coffee and had a freeze – what a treat! Great thrift here.
I painted strawberries and the duck while we drove .

Shout Wipes do work to remove strawberry stains. By the way, Grants Pass is where you turn on the 199 from the I-5. The 199 SW is a windy little road, very tree lined with the Redwoods forest in part of it. You turn south at Crescent city, right on the ocean. There are great ocean views then, suddenly you are driving in Redwoods forest again on the 101 highway (which goes all along the coast). We went to Eureka Co-op to stock up and get food for supper. We then went and ate the food on the ocean side.

Monday June 30
We went to Knob Hill area of Portland or Alphabet District we are not sure of the official name. Best thrift, great food. Looked for a suitable eating establishment. We settled on a place with a cheap happy hour. It was decorated with extreme metal work– Ken says says they use plasma, high temperature cutting torches controlled by computers to make the designs. You learn something new everday.
We drove passed a hotel we stayed at a few times in Portland – The Riverside Inn. It is on the river, obviously, but now has a new name.

We went to Powell Street books and to a Natural Foods Market (cheap compared to some places) and they do stock Buffalo butter if you need some.

Sunday June 29

We arrived in Seattle and drove immediately to our favourite Value Village in Redmond. We ended up with little but that is good because space is an issue. Then we drove to the Capital Hill district – our favourite restaurant (unfortunately closed, Sunday). We walked around in this area and went to the Capital Hill Value Village.

We found a farmer's market and bought peas and strawberries which were eaten very quickly while looking for a restaurant. We drove to the Grand Buffet near SeaTac. Their best foods, according to me, are the crab legs, shrimp, stir fry and the sesame balls – yummy!

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