New Mexico - Santa Fe

Sunday August 19
Just as we thought we were finally going to get away from Santa Fe and get some miles in, we came across the Flea Market. Well, this market was better and less expensive than the Indian Market in my estimation. It was so hot that I could hardly think to purchase anything but somehow I soldiered on and made some purchases. Ken was not as enthusiastic as I was and went back to the van for a nap. Our next arty destination was Taos, NM. It has houses, restaurants and retail establishments made to look hacienda style (little adobe houses), the same as Santa Fe. I visited the same quilt shop where Doris and Jan had been last fall and purchased some cloth for me. That was fun. We ended our Taos experience by having a picnic in Kit Carson Park.

We took a scenic roadway out of town towards the I - 25. The road was very windy and climbed upwards to over 9000 feet. It was very scenic with escarpments. We were glad we had gone this way even though it seemed to take longer. We drove to Pueblo, Colorado, which is just south of Colorado Springs. The landscape is looking very prairie like.

Saturday August 18
We again were in the situation where we had to do our laundry. Not anything you want to spend any time on during a holiday. We did manage to hang out at the campground until lunch.

We knew parking would be a special problem downtown Santa Fe today so we first went down Canyon Road, another area fine art galleries. I was particularly interested in one gallery called the Jane Sauer Thirteen Moons Gallery which often has fibre art exhibits, in fact this gallery is the main reason I wanted to come to Santa Fe.

Turned out, however, that the whole town is made of art galleries and there is art everywhere, high end art. The booths for the Indian Market took up the streets around the central park plus other side streets. People loving Native art would have thought they were in heaven - jewellery, paintings, sculpture, rugs, weaving, leather work, etc. Ken left me to my own devices for an hour or so. He went to the library to catch up on world news.

That night we went to the Whole Food Market to stock up on food for the rest of the trip to Saskatchewan. There were so many delicious samples put out to try that we didn't even need to eat supper after.

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