Zacatecas, Zacatecas ah Zacatecas! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012
We slept in and watched two episodes of a TV show on Netflix.  

Ken bought a special bracket for the van that allows us to mount stuff near the van roof, over on the side, above the bed.  We attach our iPad to it and we can watch HD TV. 

Once we finally readied ourselves we took our laundry to the lavendaria in town.  In Mexico someone will do your laundry for you for a reasonable price.  

We decided to try and find the person that had bound our travel log signatures in the past.  We had no luck finding her nor contacting her by e-mail. 

We went for a great lunch where we had eaten before - La Cabana de Plazuera. We could not find this restaurant on Google Maps at home but had little difficulty finding it in real life. 

We saw a hairless dog up on a balcony.  He just had hair on his head.

We were in Bicentennial Square where lots of protesters had gathered to bring attention to the results of the recent election.  We saw them marching in parade style then again later they postered the Palacio of the Govenor.

Many people are unhappy with the election.

The birds seem undisturbed by the protest.

We toured the most infamous hotel in Zacatecus - Quinta Real which is close to the old aquaduct.  This hotel is the revival of an old bull fighting ring. Now outfitted with art and furnishings a styling Posada.

The protest marched on to the Governor's Palace.

The protesters returned while we ate ice cream.

We walked through Alemeda Park, through mercados and passed clowns. The clowns spotted us.  Ken says we likely stand out like a pair of zebras in a herd of cattle.  The clown made us the centre of his jokes for ten minutes or so.  I just could not stand it and took off, leaving poor Ken trapped.  He spoke with the clown in broken spanish for a short while between roars of laughter sparked by the clowns dialogue, excused himself politely and off we went home.

Clowns rule the crowds in Zacatecas

Sunday, July 8, 2012
This was a BIG walking day for us. 

We ate lunch at La Cabana again we enjoyed it so much yesterday.  It is an open front restaurant where regular folks go on a Sunday after church with their families.  Best horchata ever!

La Cabana

We went to Bicentenial  Square which has tall, rusty smoke stacks as part of the art (not in use). We then went on over a bridge over a highway and us into a residential area up a hill.  Most of the older residential area is build hillside. 

The sound of drumming drew us closer.  Men were dancing to the drums, fully dressed in native ceremonial costume including big round head dress.  People appeared to had brought their own dishes for food.  A funeral or religious services was our guess as to what was going on.  

Then we were off to our intended destination Parque Recreativo La Encantada and the zoo.  It was a scenic man-made lake with many trees.  At the well maintained zoo were tigers, lions, ostriches, a type of South American raccoon and many more small animals and birds. I also enjoyed the cactus in the background in the hills above the zoo.  Our rest time was spent sitting in a band stand placed in front of a lake enjoying a delicious yogurt fruit cup.

Polly wants a cracker, NOW!

We felt the need for a beverage and hoofed it back downtown passed the train station.

We decided a drink in an upstairs restaurant was where we wanted to go.  We tried on place and did not care for it.  We looked across the street and picked our spot in another restaurant.  We sat outside on a little, mini balcony taking in all we could of the city streets.

Note the drink holders built into the tables. No mugs allowed here, falling danger.

I talked Ken into going back up the hill to our van and changing into dinner apparel. Our supper was at Los Dorados De Villa (commonly known to us as No Soup for You).  This restaurant is absolutely wonderful with classic Mexican, folkloric decoration. 

The food is memorable, but I forgot that the enchiladas I had ordered were usually cheese but these were pork.  Ken was willing to switch with me for his vegetarian faire.  What a sweetheart!

Monday, July 9, 2012
We discovered a different way to get down the hill from the Teleferico near where we are staying.  We went to the Museo Arte de Abstracto.  

The building itself was  gem.  

There was an abundance of excellent art ranging in size from tiny to huge abstract painting done for Expo 70 held in Japan.

The building was colonial style built around what would have been a court yard but is now a space for sculptures.  Ken was trying to figure out how the museum staff maneuvered the huge mural type paintings into the building.

The view to La Buffa


Street Art or Graffiti?

We decided to walk to the bakery for lunch.  I ordered a frappe chino in Bailey's flavour.  Both Ken and I were sure it was the real thing, making it one of the better frapps I have had.  Ken had a huge piece of very delicious chocolate cake.

Pizza, cake, bread, sandwiches, cafe frio.

Best Bakery by far!

We ventured back to Rafael Cornell Museum. Which displayed several thousand masks from all over Mexico donated by the name sake of the museum. There are impressive puppet dioramas depicting life in Mexico in the 1800's.


For supper, back to Los Dorados De Villa which is appointed with folkloric decor with regional cuisine worth which, if you have to, is worth the wait.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 
A little break and a change of pace was in order for today.  We worked on the blogs. I have an art blog . We also got together photo reference pictures so I can finally start doing art.

We drove to the Auto Zone for oil.  We wanted to go there because we knew where it was and we knew someone there that spoke English.  We discovered oil is expensive here, at least in Zacatecas, 360.90 pesos for 5 liters.
Then to the closely located Soriana which is a huge chain in Mexico similar to Walmart.  We looked extensively for cafe frio or iced coffee.   Mexicans, we have discovered, are not especially taken by this drink.  In fact, coffee in general is not as popular as in the USA and Canada.

The Happy Couple - Dos mortes

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