Off to San Miguel and Back to Delores

Saturday, July 14, 2012
Breakfast was easier today as the crowds at the hotel were small. Not so many kids today. Off we went driving in the rain again. 

Heading to Dolores Hidalgo, hoping the store we wanted to shop at (to replace the ceramic trash bin I cracked) was open. 

Well they were not, so we looked around town for someone with ceramics of that quality, there wasn't any. Anthar's had the best and we will return on Monday when they are open. 

This is not to say Delores doesn't have a wonderful selection of home decorating. Ken says the place "looks like a decorating bomb went off here". We enjoyed ourselves and drove off to San Miguel for supper.

The campground was easy to find, and the staff recommended a restaurant "Hecho en Mexico" which we went to for supper. 

Door to the Campground in San Miguel de Allende

Hecho en Mexico was fabulous


Fabulous meal and setting, we will return. 

We returned here several times.

The sun finally showed itself so we headed to the town square to see what was happening. 

Quite the place this San Miguel de Allende. 

Jazz could be heard all around

Jazz musicians, street vendors, tourists. Lots to do and see. Several wedding (gay and straight) precessions including one with a donkey and a happy freshly married couple. 

The Happy Couple

And then they left as fast as they arrived

The church delivered a bride, all dressed in black.

We returned to the campsite for a nice sleep.

Sunday, July 15, 2012
We woke up early the church bell (La Luz) in our RV site in San Miguel De Allende. I was like a zombie and tired, and it was raining.

We just laid in bed  and watched Net flicks.

We sat and blogged until we were hungry at lunchtime, back to a restaurant near us called Hecho de Mexico.  It has a purified water system and a menu that includes veggie options.  It is a favourite with the Gringos of which there are many in this city.  We walked and walked after our big lunch.  San Miguel de Allende is a city with many rust and golden coloured buildings. 

The doors are amazing here - coloured or wooden.

This place had a nice set of knockers

We had gotten up so early we were tired and spent down time in the nicest Starbucks.  Even though, we still walked after supper.  

This is a StarBucks.

The fruit here are cannibals.

Monday, July 16, 2012
It was great in San Miguel de Allende, but we wanted to move closer to our destination.  First, we had to return to Dolorous Hidelgo to get some Talavera pottery.  We are hoping the artist we bought from several years ago is open on Monday.  She was open, but it was a different artist and she did not have the piece we wanted to buy - shut out.Today we wanted to get to Puebla or Tlaxcala (about an hour north of Puebla).

We drove out of town with only one glitch of getting lost. The scenery was of rolling hills with trees and lush fields.  

No joy in Delores, Talavera wise

Tlaxcala and a great sounding campground was an old textile mill refurbished by the government as a place for people to go and get out of Mexico City and into the country with pine forests and pools to swim in. It was raining and cold so we took a room. 

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