Whirlwind tour back to Tlaquepaque - including lost driving by compass; again

Wednesday August 11

We woke up to the sound of, no not nature, the "noise cannons". They shoots these off to keep birds away from orchards. We know because a guy on Gabriola used to use them for his cherry orchard. Anyway, in my half asleep state I thought it was gun fire somewhere close to us, but I was too tired to move. The camp had a cat.

When we drove into Cuernavaca we realized how huge and modern of a city it was.

We decided to go to the Centro as we usually do with all Mexican cities. It did seem rather upscale compared to many cities. Cuernavaca is a get away, spa type of place for those living in Mexico City, nicknamed "City of Eternal Spring" and the "Paris of Mexico". We had problems finding "Estacionamiento" - parking to all you English speaking dudes. Then we wanted to find a veggie restaurant, Oh, we found one at about two o'clock (after passing three others) - I was feeling I was so hungry. The heat, the noise, the part of the city we saw made us just decide to move on and head toward Toluca - beginning our long journey home. If we would have stayed we would have gotten soaked - it started raining.

We loved the windy road before and during the National Park.

After that things went terribly wrong. We got so lost and turned around, plus we were leary of Toluca.

Somehow after that, going through Toluca, driving was easy peasy.

We found a great hotel (Ixla) which ended the day on a positive note.

Tuesday August 10

This was the farthest south either one of us has ever been.

From Morelia to Taxco

We woke up in Taxco and ate breakfast out on the deck as basically the room was too small to eat inside of.

There were fruit trees like orange and tropical plants. We could see roof tops of other buildings below us. Ken dropped me off at the Silver Mercado that we saw the night before.

Ken went off on his own little adventure. He went to the south of Taxco to Reyes's place to get the oil changed. Reye's also topped up the auto matic transmission fluid. Meanwhile I was silver shopping. I have always wanted to come to Taxco ever since I knew of it's existence - I'm a "silver" girl not "gold", I am sure that is obvious. What was in those silver shops you ask. Well, there were chains, bracelets, rings and earrings, plus items you might not think of as being made of silver - picture frames, pens, etc. It was an amazing experience, one silver shop after another. One of my best all time shopping days!!!

Ken was all of a sudden beside me in one of the shops.

I was on my way back to eat lunch and Ken was on his way to get, me for the same reason, lunch. A tourist official took us to a restaurant with a spectactualar view of the Santa Prisca Church from its upper, outside level. This view was a 360 degree of the town.

More shopping after lunch. Ken waited at the hotel lobby - the internet amused him. I only shopped until about 4:00 pm when Ken wanted us to leave for Cuernavaca.

To go from Taxco to Cuernavaca you had to drop about 900 feet. First we go up into the mountains.

We drove through a lush, semi-tropical area. We saw a few donkeys along the way closer to Cuernavaca the roadside stands had stacks of roses. Finding our camping stop was tricky because of "Church's" directions. Of course, without them we would not have known the campground existed. The last road was more a Mexican dirt road complete with potholes, large bovine, gumbo...Need I say more?

At sunset the fireflies danced like fairies floating between the trees. It rained much of the night and was windy.

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