Tlaquepaque, Tonala, Guadalajara, to Mazatlan

Friday August 13

This hotel offers free long distance so I phoned my Dad. It was great to hear his voice, way down here in Mexico. I finally got through to his friend Fern's e-mail, too.

We had a nice continental breakfast, courtesy of the hotel. Then off to a neighboring city - Tonala. This day we had actual purchasing in mind.

We were about to go back and buy something and it started raining. We decided to go back to the car and that is when we saw the best art to buy, Good thing it rained.

Once back in Tlaquepaque we went back out shopping. In Mexico you can sample booze, especially tequila... so we did a little sampling. We got caught in the rain, came back to the hotel and changed. We actually decided to slow down long enough to have supper, with the cat.

Once back out again we made several trips back with purchases. We had fun spending money! We had a whirlwind shopping day.

Thursday August 12

I woke up from natural light not the alarm and at about 6:45 am. We ate at the hotel restaurant thinking our breakfast was included - we discovered it was not. It was very good - Huevos Mexicanas and Divorced Eggs (I can not remember the real Spanish name - ed. Huevos Divorciados). Then we continued on our journey to Tlaquepaque.

How Hippos are evolved from Cows

On our journey we saw huge, still lakes that looked like mirrors, two horses pulling a wooden plow - plowing a field and many rolling, fertile hills and some donkeys.

We stopped for lunch at a toll booth. I saw the biggest bug - likely a beetle - nice burgandy colour.

We had a picnic which was fun. We wondered around to a back field and took close - up pictures of corn.

The rest of the day's journey, in fact, the whole day went quickly.

We arrived near the end of the Tonala Market (Thursday), but still there was vender upon vender to check out. We will return tomorrow to purchase. It was very hot there, I think I got a bit of a burn - dumb! The whole town is a town of artisans, the little studios/stores are generally funkier than most laces I have seen in Mexico.
Quinta Don Jose was as wonderful as it was three years ago. Some art was moved, other art was replaced. The courtyard appeared nearly the same. Sadly the little dog Chiquita was no longer there to greet us.

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