Jason Bourne 5 shoots in Tenerife

September 25, 2015

Matt Damon left Tenerife last Monday or so the rumor goes from the locals.

Donna knew where the coffee room was for Sur Productions, local contractors for Damon's latest flick. We were headed to the hotel for breakfast so thought we would see if Sur was still around. Yes, they are are still booked into the hotel...

So when we spotted the shoot for Jason Bourne 5 (the unnamed fifth installment of the series), we headed straight for the crowd barrier to see for ourselves.

We watched as crew used tape to add a Greek touch to the plates on the vehicles for today's shooting.

The production crew got the word to ready for shooting and moved us all (~30) back from the barriers, twice, seems we are in the shot or too noisey.

No way to confirm the Damon on set but the crew seemed very interested in this VW bug. Several times the bug was chased down the street, of the set made to look like Athens.

Some local reportage

Fun Day!

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