Saturday, September 13, 2014
Cool OverCast
Last night we stayed at Kelly's and Joel's home

A late breakfast was on the agenda. Uncle Ken made delicious crepes, one of his specialties. They are from his Hungarian heritage. We tried a few filling options - strawberry jam. chocolate syrup, cheese. It is the crepe itself that is the main event not the filling, all were tasty. Joel drove to Tim Horton's for coffee.

Joel drove us to Value Village for a little thrifting. We drove in Kelly's new Toyota Tourage. Last year her previous vehicle was written off due to hail damage. This new four wheel drive vehicle is full of wonderful features such as heated seats, a must for Alberta winters.

We streamlined our grocery shopping event to the basics of what we needed for supper. Salmon was going to be the main treat - maybe barbecued, maybe baked. Wow, I love salmon. It will definitely be on of the things I will miss about not being on the west coast. It was the first time the four of us ate at the good, old dining room table that we brought. I told Kelly that her Mom had her eighth birthday party around this same table.

We went for another lengthy evening walk. The dogs loved it. They are so adorable. Kelly lives in a residential area with many parks. These parks have lush, green grass and many trees. The paths are mostly paved. The dogs love to run off lead and chase balls, tumbling over each other to be the first to get the ball in their mouth.

Sunday, September 14, 2014
Warm Sunny
Last night we stayed at Kelly's in Lethbridge, AB
Awesomeness: We were a little Kelly's home. Enough said.

Again, we slept in. Kelly works all week so she needs to get lots of rest and sleep on the weekend. We had wonderful banana and oatmeal muffins. Ms Organized made them the night before. Along with the muffins we had watermelon and tea. Uncle Ken went Tim Horton's for coffee and steeped tea the morning. Kelly sent me the recipe so when I have a kitchen again I can make those delicious, melt in your mouth muffins.

We drove in Joel's Kia (courtesy of the hail insurace) to Battlefield Park. It is located under the famed, black, railway bridge from hence Lethbridge gets its name. The park is in the flood plain of the Old Man River. Many families were walking or picnicking in the area. There were many trees throughout the park. Some of the groomed and paved walkways had puddles and mud on them. Joel told us of the huge rains Lethbridge experienced in June and how high the river had swollen to. We saw a historic marker showing the picture of a farm home from the late, eighteen hundreds. This was the home of any early settler with high status in the community. They had build on the flood plain not realizing their folly. The house was torn down in the early nineteen hundreds as it was deemed unsafe.

The pups went swimming in the river. Penny looked like a little sheep with skinny, short legs. It was obvious that off lead they would have quickly disappeared in the water. Mostly the pups were very good on their extended walk.

Once back at Kelly's we made an ethnic type of supper. She had beets from her parents garden which she cut up and baked. She had perogies. Onions were cut up and saulted. I made a white sauce with mushrooms and fresh dill for the perogies. Yum! We all did our own little bit to make a wonderful meal that was enjoyed by all.

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