The Drive to California

Thursday,  June 28, 2012
Ken came to pick me up from school so we could leave for Mexico on the 3:10 ferry to Nanaimo just as we had planned to do so many months ago.  Actually, probably over a year ago we planned this holiday.  Ken was a little late arriving at the school which did give me some anxiety.  Just before I was about to leave I went down the hallway of the new wing of the school to wish everyone a wonderful holiday.  I got nearly everyone.  I was literally skipping steps as I went back down the hall toward the office. 

The Quinsum?, our ferry, was late so I was late for my eye doctor appointment.  I was doing the happy dance there, too.  My eye doctor said I could wear contacts still, just not for as long as I used to.

We walked on the big ferry ride over to Vancouver.  I mean literally we actually tried to walk off our excited energy doing loops around the big ferry - Queen of Albernie.  As usual we needed to find a post office and mail our Blue Cross medical claim forms.

It was so great to finally be in the big city.  We drove through the border and on to a rest area just north of Seattle.

Friday, June 29, 2012
Ah, to wake up and be on holidays , especially the first day of holiday.  

We drove through Seattle and did not stop.  Probably a first for us.  We drove on until Portland, OR and stopped. We did a quick shop of a few thrift stores and Ken hung out at the Whole Foods. I looked in Powell's Books - got to be one of the world's biggest book stores.  The roses were in full bloom in the city of roses - Portland.

The landscape is similar to home. As we continued our drive passed Portland and on toward southern Oregon there were rolling, yellowing hills.  It began to look more like California.  

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Great weather for driving - cloudy but warmer than home.  

We went to a lame garage sale in some small American town.  Mostly we just headed down the I-5 and drove and drove and get the picture.

Monday, July 1, 2012  HAPPY CANADA DAY!
We walked in our rest area when we got up.  As soon as we started driving we saw cactus and a butterfly.  Good indication that the heat will soon be upon us.  The hills are looking yellow and have low level vegetation.  The big trees are somewhere north of us.   In this area, if you stop at McDonalds for iced coffee or something or stop for gas you are in an area that is almost like a small town.  The area is, however, made up of fast food restaurants and gas stations, no homes.  All areas are nicely landscaped. 

We drove the 210 Highway from Santa Clarita to San Berndino which is a huge freeway through the greater Los Angeles.  The freeways are made up of five and six lane going one-way.  I found it interesting to see the place names on the highway signs - Pasadena, etc.  We drove and drove on this inner city route.  

Once into the true desert, after supper, we drove passed many wind turbines or wind farms near Palm Springs, CA. - an amazing amount of turbines.  One night set in we continued driving to Blythe, CA.  It is on the border of Arizona and directly north of Yuma, CA.  We were actually cool from our air conditioning.  Good to drive through a desert at night.  Oh, we saw a gecko in Redland, CA at supper time.

We are staying in a hotel tonight because there does not appear to be any camping near here, we are in a desert and we need to have a place where we can shower.

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