2010 Driving South

Saturday July 3

I did my first yoga outside. The cement was a bit hard, so was the sun salutation.

We drove into Red Bluff and found their Farmers Market by a river - lots of produce. We purchased strawberries and yellow cherry tomatoes which were eaten immediately. The baby carrots were a treat we saw ducks and geese. Ken got free WiFi so booked us into a San Francisco Motel6.

Somehow after all that, we ate lunch in Willows, CA. I slept for about an hour after lunch. Ken wanted me to drive (fasten your seat belts). I drove into downtown San Francisco.

SF City Hall from Gabriola to California

Yes, it was scary for both of us but the iPhone did make navigating easy.

Our motel is acceptable and clean. The area around it is sketchy, but we have underground parking. A Goodwill beaconed to us and I bought a little pink dress - very uncharacteristic of me.

Friday July 2

We stayed at a rest stop with big, lush trees. We went on a path or walk with trees planted from different states. Quite unusual, as we had never seen some of the trees before. They were big, too, so they had been planted many years previous.

We held off eating breakfast until we got to Eugene, Oregon and the Morning Glory Restaurant.

We or should I say I say I wanted biscuits and gravy - vegetarian style. Their biscuits were even made of spelt flour. After lunch we walked around the down town to get some exercise. The big train station is near the restaurant so we were in there several times.

We drove all day.

We didn't really remember what Ashland, OR was like. It is very hip and beautiful with a river and park in behind some of the restaurants. I bought a "Namesta" bumper sticker. I thought it would suit new commitment to yoga. We walked around the down town of this beautiful city. "Agave", the restaurant we ate supper in, looked like the best place in town for us.

Thursday July 1

We woke up to rain, we were still in a rain forest so what could we expect.

Happy Canada day from Gabriola to California

We went to two favourite Seattle Value Villages - Redmond and Capital Hill. Ken found me a Eagle Creek fanny pack, just what I need to carry my new camera.

It did not seem real that we were on holiday.

Wednesday June 30, 2010

We were to leave Gabriola on the 3:10 ferry. It was planned out for months.

From home before we left

I started walking home when I was ready to leave school as Ken had not come yet to pick me up. I had said my good byes. When I saw the little burgundy van driving up the hill I felt such emotion well up inside of me. Finally we were about to leave for Mexico. But no, Ken was not ready (updating the iPhone to the new software) and we wouldn't be able to leave until the 5:30 (Wednesday there is no 4:20 because of the "dangerous goods" sailing).

I got to go back home and again say good bye to Hector my pup. Gunnhild our doggie and house sitter got to the house in time to hug us and get last minute Hector instructions. I will miss the little "Mister".

We get into Nanaimo just in time to miss a "big" mainland ferry and took the 8:15 into Tsawwassen. We decided to have a great meal before we set off to Mexico. Now we are off to our new adventure, another eventful summer in Mexico!

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