San Diego

Thursday July 17
We decided to get outfitted for Mexico – Target, Walmart, Wholefoods Market. Then Ken took me to Visions Quilt Art Gallery. It was a three man show and was ok. I realized I have not been receiving news letters because they spelled my last name incorrectly when typing in my e-mail address. When I left they gave me a Visions 2002 catelogue and DVD, profusly apologizing for the mistake. They were impressed that I was in the Members show earlier in the year. One of the ladies had gone to SDSU just like I did.

We went to one really good thrifty store (Goodwill on Rosencrance). Then we raced off to the Spanish Village to see art (closes at 4:00 pm so we were too late). We drove to the south parking lot then walked in Balboa Park together but didn't get into the main area – just from the from the parking lot to the Japanse Tea Room.

We saw the cutest dog tied to a pole near Fred's Mexican Cafe in Old Town where we went for supper. He was like a Walmart greeter only at Freds's. We were tired and drove back to Sweetwater campground were we walked around the campground. I was extremely tired from our adventure filled day.

Wednesday July 16
We awoke early, 6:30 am I was, for once, ready to go early to shop etc. in San Diego. Ken wanted to go to yoga at 8:30. We walked on the beach, great view of San Diego. We could get internet and that is where Ken first hatched the plan of going to the Copper Canyon.

We drove to Pacific Beach and ate at a curry place, same place as last year, wow it was delicious. Then we thrifted it up, checked out a camera shop, went to La Jolla Fibre Arts (ideas: cloth prayer flags, lutrudura with photo transfer, dyed gauze, dancing moon people).

We got Ken's haircut and my brows done. Ken was nervous of his beautician – scissor cuts on her hand.

We ate in the gaslight district, downtown, our usual Thai restaurant and our usual soup.

Getting to the campground early was high on Ken's priority list, we had moved to Sweetwater Regional Park as the Beaches Campground was way to packed and noisy.

Tuesday July 15
Monday night before bedded down we watched skunks out the van windows as we tried to find a place to park the van. The park had sprinklers running in the dark which forced the skunks out of their usual sulking spots. It was a bit scary to know that I would have to get up in the night and perhaps have a show down with a skunk.

In the morning we watched the geese as we ate breakfast at our campsite. Then we were off on the freeway into Los Angeles to the Mexican Consulate to hand in last years vehicle permit. Well, we found out that the LA office does not do this type of transaction. We have to go to the border – ugh! Now we are both worried we will have to pay a fine or there will be red tape holding us up at the border.

Since LA is busy, noisy, dirty, etc. we decide to just drive to San Diego (get the heck out of Dodge). Our escape out of LA wasn't as fast as we would have liked, it's a BIG place. At a rest stop we saw lots of birds (chirpy, chirp).

Upon arriving in San Diego we checked in at our campsite which was just south of La Jolle, CA. Our next door camper John offered his rake and broom for nuts or berries that had fallen off the trees and littered the campsite.

Ken thought we should continue on to the border – Tijuana (TJ). It was easy to go there, hard to leave. We were about one and a half hours to two hours going back and forth between officials until we actually could give back the vehicle permit. We didn't get a fine or anything.

Somehow Ken drove up to the border crossing line-up, about two to three hours actually in the line -up. I pencil crayoned my aloe striata. We got a seconday search before returning to the USA, must be those BC plates.

Back at the campsite... On the other side was a large family from Chico, they had now returned from the days activities. Ken was talking to them and joked they were like the Waltons and the son there started introducing the members as MaryAnne, Grandpa ... The men really had accents like Cheech Marin, they were really nice.

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