Gabriola to Northern California

Sunday July 1

Happy Canada Day! First thing we did today was put a Canada flag decle on our van. What better a day to be patriotic!

Wow, was the food good at the Morning Glory- soysausage, biscuits and gravy, fresh squeezed juice. Be wary of ordering a large juice because it is $5.00.

This was a big driving day. We went from the I-5 from Grants Pass to 101 CA highway. We ate supper watching the sunset by the ocean at Eureka CA. We discovered whole wheat sourdough bread and horseradish cheddar at thecoolest Co-op with Wifi available in the parking lot.

We stopped to sleep at Richardson Grove State Park - Garberville, CA (Ken loves state parks). This is a park in the Redwoods. The trees are absolutely spectacular. I took lots of pictures which might or might not get turned into quilts. I felt very inspired. Being surrounded by huge trees does something to the soul.

Saturday June 30
We arrived in Seattle at lunch. Since we go to Seattle fairly frequently we decided to pass through and only go to one favourite spot. We wanted to go to a particular restaurant in the Capital Hill district - a Tibetian restaurant. We took an exit which actually had us serindiptously arrive right on the corner near our restaurant. The restaurant was closed until 4:00 on Saturday. A Japanese restaurant was where we ended up - Hana Restaurant - delicious. There is a Value Village in Capital Hill area and of course, we went to it finding exactly what we needed and wanted. Thrift is great in Seattle.

We continued on our journey to Portland. Upon our arrive in Portland we visited the huge Powell Street book store. I found books I had only seen on the internet and decided on a few and decided against others but will order when I arrive home. Dan and Louis Oyster Bar is always a favourite of our's for a great oyster stew or chowder. The restaurant was nearly empty of customers but the walls were full of mementos and old plates, etc. It has losts it charm for us after about sixteen years of Louis when visiting Portland.

Ken likes to drive at night so off we went, back on to the I-5 to find another rest stop. We do like to eat and we know of a great little restaurant in Eugene, OR that serves up a mean biscuits and gravy, vegetarian style. We decided to stay outside Eugene and find the Morning Glory cafe for breakfast (near the old train station).

Friday June 29
This is the start of Ken and Donna's big adventure. We left Gabriola on the 7:25 pm ferry. I always feel sad leaving Gabriola for any long length of time. It makes me feel shaky and sad - unusual reaction I would say. I realize we left pretty late but we just wanted to get going before we didn't get away until Saturday.

We were both so tired from getting ready to go. When we are on the big ferry we like to walk circuits to get in some "steps". I know I stumbled a few times just from the tiredness factor.

This was our first night in the new Toyota Previa Van. We stayed at a rest stop on the I-5. Freebee camping, you can't beat it. Unless, of course, you plan on having a shower in the morning.

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Owen said...

Glad to see an update from you two today. Sounds like your enjoying yourself, which is great news.

Excited for the next chapter.

Best wishes from BC!